Saturday, June 25, 2011

No More Kindergarten!!

Dalia Graduated Kindergarten!!

Wohooo!! Mark and I are so proud of her! She is so ready to tackle first grade, once she is done relaxing and being a kid on summer break that is! We decided to sign her up for cheer leading and dance class, although she was only able to attend a couple classes it was very obvious to us that dance is her thing! She absolutely loves it! So we have decided to do one more session with Parks and Rec and then we will move on to a dance studio where she can really start getting her dance on! 

Mark and I are doing very well. We just started attending classes through Central Christian and we are loving it. We already feel a great deal of difference in our life and really appreciate our relationship with God and both can't wait for that relationship to continue to grow and become stronger. We love our little family and feel so much accomplishment, we can't wait to have more little Kohuts running about! It's quite amazing when I sit back and look at everything Mark and I have accomplished and the goals we have reached in the time we have been together. Mark has really proven to me that true love does exist and when you find it, anything can be achieved! Little over two months until our wedding day!!! sooo stinking exciting!

ohhh Bella, those who knows us know that we have two children Dalia and Bella. Oh yes! We are the crazy dog people! We are really looking to find her a sister or brother (Mark says brother, there are already to many girls in the house) to play with,!! She really needs another dog to play and terrorize but so far we haven't had much luck (we are picky, we know!).

I know this is short but please don't interpret that as nothing is going on because we are always running about and busy!!! Thanks for reading our blog and making our family apart of yours. Please know that we love and appreciate our family and our friends and feel very blessed that your apart of our life!

until our next post......

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