Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Beginning of Our Family!

Mark proposed!!! wait.. I guess I should say Mark and Dalia proposed. The proposal was absolutely perfect! Here's the story, it was Christmas Day and I was exhausted. It was only noon but really I was beat so I was taking a nap on my parents couch. My mom came and woke me up and told me that Mark needed me to get Dalia in the shower and I should probably just jump in as well. My thought, seriously.. no seriously I am napping. So I get up and jumped into a freezing cold shower because everyone had showered before me. Needless to say I am not a happy person at this point. Then it felt like it took forever for Dalia and I to get ready and Dalia was starting to throw a bit of a fit because she wanted her hair curled and it just wasn’t curling. At this point my sister walks in and takes Dalia using the excuse that her boyfriend was here and had gotten her another Christmas present. Ok! Now I am beyond annoyed and I know I am going to hear about it all day that she wanted her hair curled. Soooo I am still in my parents room and my mom is having all sorts of conversations with me and I am trying so hard to pay attention to her but really I just want to go down stairs and get munchkin so we don’t have tears later . Finally, my dad hollers from the stairs and asks my mom to come down (yes!! I am finally getting out of this room). I walk down the stairs and WAIT.... Marks nephew is on my parents couch.... Wait.... my dad is standing there with a camera.... HOLY MOLY THE ENTIRE HATCH AND KOHUT FAMILY IS HERE!!. and reality hits me!! THIS IS IT!!. Mark takes my hands and says some very special words then here comes the munchkin BOX IN HAND!! ( I am shaking at this point and I am pretty sure I am no longer breathing) Miss Dalia gets down on one knee and says " will you marry my daddy"!! Ok all self control is lost!! I am crying and hugging both of them!! and said YES!!!! not a dry tear in the house, I can promise you that!! Honestly, it was more than what I could have ever asked for! Mark did such a wonderful job planning and picking out the ring. I'll say it for the rest of my life, he has been the biggest blessing and I am so thankful for him and Dalia.
So now our family journey begins, I couldn’t be more excited about it. I absolutely can’t wait to be a Kohut and really can’t wait to hold the title of Mark Kohut’s wife.
<3 Bethany

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