Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Year and New Adventures!

Happy New Year everyone! This year has already been eventful. We are planning a wedding!! I am already in trouble with "the moms" for being behind on stuff. No worries though, between the two of them this will be an amazing wedding for sure!

Mark and I recently took the munchkin on her first quad riding adventure! First, we must show you her quad riding outfit!
So funny!

She had an absolute blast! In her words "this is awesome!" Mark had a great time as well. He was getting some pretty sick air on the table tops and having so much fun racing around the track. Simple family trips like these are the moments that mean the most. Below are some more pictures we would like to share with you, enjoy!

If there is one thing we are quickly noticing about munchkin, its that she LOVES arts and crafts. The other day my sister (aunt chels) made her a baby blanket for her new baby doll, so munchkin decided it was time for her to learn how to sew. Aunt Chels helped Dalia make another baby blanket for her dolls. I think Nana has a little mini me on her hands!! Time for her and Nana to start some projects! Here is the blanket Munchkin and Aunt Chels made.

Mark and I will be going on our own BIG adventure next month as we head to Hawaii (Maui to be exact) for the first time. We are both so excited to go and are counting down the days. I am excited to go zip lining and snorkling and Mark is excited to check out the golf courses and do some surfing. Mark keeps threatening me that he is going to wear the Borat bathing suit on the beach and I am starting to get concerned that he is not joking. For those that don't know what that is, please let me share what this image could look like. Hotness!!!!!

By the way, the Chicago Bears and the Greenbay Packers are headed to the NFC championship game. This week we will be mere enemies until the last play of the game. No matter the ending though, one of our teams will be going to the Superbowl and we will both be rooting for the same team to win. Can you tell we love football.

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